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Animating route transitions in ember.js

Animations aren’t just eye candy - they make your app feel faster. Unfortunately Ember still hasn’t settled on a standard method for animations.

There have been some noble attempts, for example Ember Animated Outlet by Sebastian Seilund, however, it doesn’t (currently) work with ember 1.0.

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Using postgres arrays with rails 4

Rails 4 has native support for postgresql’s array and hstore primitive types. From a database design perspective, I really like arrays. It saves having tables with just an ID and value for every field that can have multiple values.

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How to build a targeted media list

Whether refreshing an exisiting media list or starting from scratch, it’s important to keep your list of targets focused. Mass mailing a list of ten thousand reporters always leads to more harm than good. Doing a bit of research on reporters and journalists up front will save time in the long-run and go a long way in safeguarding a company’s reputation.

Here are a few simple steps to get your media list research off to a good start:

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Welcome and stay tuned!

We are a startup working toward the release of our contact relationship management (CRM) service for PR and marketers. Keep an eye on our blog for posts on PR and marketing best practices, the development process, and other perspectives on the challenges faced when starting up.

If you’re a public relations agency or team looking for a contact management solution designed specifically for your needs, send us your email for more details on the private beta or email us directly.